The process of marine pile encapsulation has existed for over a century.  During this time technological advances in materials and equipment have made this process a very effective and economical method of protecting expensive capital investments.

Currently, epoxy-filled fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) jackets (forms) are the best type of encapsulation available.  In this process, an FRP jacket is installed around a structural member, the jacket is sealed along the bottom edge, and the annular cavity created by the jacket is filled with a two-part epoxy grout, composed of a resin and a hardener to which a fine aggregate, such as silica sand, is added.  (Rows of “stand-offs” attached to the inner face of the jacket assure a uniform annular space between the structural member and the jacket itself.)  The epoxy fills any existing voids and effectively bonds to both the structural member and the FRP jacket, creating a monolithic structure.

The protection provided by epoxy-filled FRP jackets – both from the effects of corrosion and from physical damage – is extraordinary.  Importantly, this technique is often employed on structural members in the tidal zone (splash zone), the extremely corrosive environment at the air/water interface where cathodic protection systems cannot provide continuous protection.  Learn more at Epoxy-Filled FRP Jackets.

Epoxy-Filled FRP Jackets

The most effective encapsulation method involves placing a fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) jacket, or form, around a structural member, sealing the bottom, and then filling the annular cavity with a two-part epoxy […]

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FRP vs. Steel Jackets

Encapsulation with epoxy-filled fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) jackets is superior to and more cost effective than with concrete-filled steel jackets or concrete-filled FRP jackets.  Although less costly up front, concrete-filled jackets […]

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Effective Surface Preparation

According to data supplied by various manufacturers, there is little performance difference among the variety of epoxy grouts and fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP) jackets available for marine encapsulation.  The real differences arise […]

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Why Substructure?

Substructure has innovatively refined the epoxy encapsulation process in numerous ways to improve installation efficiency and long-term reliability, resulting in better results for our clients.  Standout advancements have occurred in […]

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