Substructure protects pier structures, waterfront facilities, and vessels from attack by corrosion, wave action, ultraviolet deterioration, and marine organisms through a variety of advanced turnkey solutions.  Our marine corrosion services include:

  • Inspecting and evaluating waterborne structures
  • Designing complete cathodic protection (CP) systems
  • Installing and maintaining new and existing CP systems
  • Specifying materials
  • Applying marine coatings
  • Encapsulating and restoring piles
  • Custom fabricating and repairing structures

Substructure routinely performs inspections of marine structures, port facilities, and vessels.  We deploy commercial divers and use remote sensing equipment with SONAR, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and utilize non-destructive testing methods.

After conducting a comprehensive inspection of a structure, facility, or vessel, our engineers design a custom corrosion-control solution that meets client requirements, while accounting for environmental and material variables.  All our systems are designed to National Association of Corrosion Engineers International standards.

Substructure also performs long-term monitoring and preventative maintenance to ensure the continued effectiveness of corrosion-control systems.

Looking for more information? See Marine Corrosion Information.

Epoxy Encapsulation

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