Epoxy encapsulation can effectively prevent continued corrosion of marine structures.  Substructure’s in-house epoxy encapsulation services include epoxy, customized fiberglass jackets, and clamps to secure jackets during epoxy pumping – a complete one-stop operation for world-leading corrosion protection.

Our experience using deficient, existing pumping technologies prompted us to design a unique, compact, plural-component epoxy pump for marine encapsulation services.  This travel-ready, patented pump now services Substructure epoxy encapsulation projects around the world.  Built for applications with specifications for 1:1 ratios, Substructure’s pump provides the highest-quality product available, part of the most complete, turnkey, epoxy encapsulation installation in the industry.

Properly applied epoxy encapsulation provides an extremely durable marine coating, with a life expectancy of 20-50 years.  Epoxy encapsulation is best used in the extended intertidal zone to prevent the 3 primary types of marine corrosion from continuing to erode structures.  The three major types of marine corrosion epoxy encapsulation protects structures from are oxidation, fretting, and electro-chemical (more here).  (Under the water, cathodic protection is best used to protect metal.)

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